We aim to encourage young girls to be resilient and be sure of their own identity so that they can feel confident and able to deal with whatever comes their way.

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In a day and age where women are still forced to stage marches in every major city across the world to campaign for gender equality, how are parents supposed to ensure their daughters grow up to be strong, independent and confident young women who never feel inferior?

Our mission is to inspire and empower young girls through thought provoking workshops in order to help them deal with the challenges they face in day to day life – from friendship issues, to dealing with bullying, both on and offline, to social media and image and identity

ID You is the brain child of a mother and daughter team, Susie and Kate West.

Both Susie and Kate are passionate advocates of education in its broadest sense, recognising that experiences and interactions outside the classroom are just as significant, in some cases more so, than what happens in it.

Dealing with the challenges posed by social media, requires not more of the same, but rather genuine alternatives. Hence we do no power point presentations.

Forward thinking and passionate, the ID you team aim to work with teachers to encourage girls to find their voice, in a safe environment.


Kate West

Kate is the Founder of ID you. Having spent a few years presenting E-safety workshops it became clear that the girls were suffering and struggling to cope with the pressures that life throws at them. Kate’s relaxed style and approachable character sees her as the forefront of the presenting for ID you. Kate ensures that the girls feel at ease and relaxed and are able to discuss some of the more tricky content. Kate ensures that the content is targeted to the relevant year groups.

Susie West

As an ex-head, Susie’s role in ID you is to use her wide ranging experience to put together topics for the workshops which are tailored to the schools specific needs. ID you is not a ‘one size fits all’ programme. Susie will also be speaking with parents about adolescence and managing the challenges that social media can pose within family situations.

Ellie Duckles

Ellie is an actress by training and therefore brings a real flair to the workshops. As a Social Media guru, she is able to really understand and reason with the girls over some of their choices and decisions. Ellie is passionate about creating a space for girls to talk and open up about any problem. She is instrumental in helping to build exciting and fresh content for ID you.

What we do

Student Workshops

We start our workshops at year 4 and go onto year 13 .The workshops are age appropriate and cover a range of topics from friendships, image and identity, to self esteem and being able to handle the day to day pressures of daily life.

Our workshops are relaxed, inclusive and informative. We use interactive exercises as opposed to Powerpoint. It is all about debate and discussions as we want the girls to do the talking! We work closely with the school and can tailor our packages accordingly.

Parent Chats

ID You feels that keeping parents engaged and up to speed with what their girls are experiencing is vital. We recognise the challenges that parents are facing today, and their support in our messages is vital. We aim to make parents feel more confident in their approach to handing their girl’s issues. We can share our stories from the workshops where appropriate.

Please do get in contact and one of our team would be more then happy to discuss in further detail.

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